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Commerce – I FYBCOM Semester I


Commerce – I


Semester I

Module – I : Business (12 Lectures)
Introduction : Concept, Functions, Scope and Significance of business, Traditional and Modern Concept of business.
Objectives of Business : Steps in setting business objectives, classification of business objectives, Reconciliation of Economic and Social Objectives.
New Trends in Business : Impact of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization, Strategy alternatives in the changing scenario, Restructuring and Turnaround Strategies.

Module – II : Business Environment (11 Lectures)
Introduction : Concept and Importance of business environment, Inter-relationship between Business and Environment.
Constituents of Business Environment : Internal and External Environment, Educational Environment and its impact,
International Environment – Current Trends in the World,
International Trading Environment – WTO and Trading Blocs and their impact on Indian Business.

Module – III : Project Planning (12 Lectures)
Introduction : Business Planning Process; Concept and Importance of Project Planning; Project Report; Feasibility Study Types and its Importance.
Business Unit Promotion :
Concept and Stages of Business Unit Promotion,
Location – Factors determining location and Role of Government in Promotion.
Statutory Requirements in Promoting Business Unit :
Licensing and Registration Procedure, Filling returns and other documents, Other important legal provisions.

Module – IV : Entrepreneurship (10 Lectures)
Introduction : Concept and Importance of Entrepreneurship, Factors Contributing to Growth of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur and Manager, Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur.
The Entrepreneurs : Types of Entrepreneurs, Competencies of an Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship Training and Development Centers in India, Incentives to Entrepreneurs in India.
Women Entrepreneurs : Problems and Promotion.

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AUTHORMichael Vaz, Aurora Vaz
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SUBJECTCommerce – I FYBCOM Semester I



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