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Environmental Studies-I FYBCOM Semester I


Environmental Studies-I


Semester I

1. Environment and Ecosystem (13 Lec.)
Environment : Meaning, definition, scope and its components; concept of an ecosystem: definition, Characteristics, components and types, functioning and structure; Food Chain and Food Web – Ecological Pyramids – Man and environment relationship; Importance and scope of Environmental Studies.

2. Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (13 Lec.)
Meaning and definitions; Classification and types of resources, factors influencing resource utilisation; Resource conservation – meaning and methods – conventional and non-conventional resources, problems associated with and management of water, forest and energy resources – resource utilization and sustainable development

3. Populations and Emerging Issues of Development (13 Lec.)
Population explosion in the world and in India and arising concerns – Demographic Transition Theory – pattern of population growth in the world and in India and associated problems – Measures taken to control population growth in India; Human population and environment – Environment and Human Health – Human Development Index – The World Happiness Index

4. Urbanisation and Environment (13 Lec.)
Concept of Urbanisation – Problems of migration and urban environment – changing land use, crowding and stress on urban resources, degradation of air and water, loss of soil cover impact on biodiversity, Urban heat islands – Emerging Smart Cities and safe cities in India – Sustainable Cities

5. Reading of Thematic Maps and Map Filling (8 Lec.)
Reading of Thematic Maps (4 Lec.)
Located Bars, Circles, Pie Charts, Isopleths, Choropleth, and Flow Map, Pictograms – Only reading and interpretation.
Map Filling : (4 Lec.)
Map filling of World (Environmentally significant features) using point, line and polygon segment.

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AUTHORAmrite, Chakraborti
PUBLISHERManan Prakashan
SUBJECTEnvironmental Studies-I FYBCOM Semester I



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