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Marketing Research – II TYBCOM semester VI


Marketing Research Manan Prakashan

TYBCOM semester VI


1. Applications of Marketing Research – I (12 Lec.)

a. Product Research – Concept, Areas, Steps in New Product Development, Product Testing and Test Marketing – Concept, Methods

b. Branch Research – Concept, Components of a Brand, Importance of a Brand Research, Packaging Research – Concept, Importance

c. Price Research – Concept, Factors Influencing Pricing, Importance of Price Research, Methods of Price Research

2. Applications of Marketing Research – II (11 Lec.)

a. Physical Distribution Research – Concept, Types of Distribution Channels, Supply Chain Management – Concept, Components of Supply Chain Management, Importance of Physical Distribution Research

b. Promotion Research – Concept, Elements of Promotion, Importance of Promotion Research

Advertising Research – Concept, Scope, Pre and Post Testing Methods of Advertising Effectiveness

c. Consumer Research – Concept, Objectives, Methods, Motivation Research – Concept, Importance

3. Applications of Marketing Research – III (11 Lec.)

a. Sales Research – Concept, Significance, Scope/Areas

b. Rural Marketing Research – Concept, Features of Indian Rural Market, Sources of Data, Research Tools, Do’s and Don’ts in Rural Marketing Research

c. Global Marketing Research – Concept, Factors Affecting Global Marketing, Need and Scope of Global Marketing Research

4. Managing Marketing Research (11 Lec.)

a. Organising Marketing Research Activity – Factors Involved in Organising Marketing Research Activity, Methods of Organising Marketing Research Activity, In-house Marketing Department – Structure, Merits, Demerits

b. Professional Marketing Research Agencies – Structure, Merits, Demerits, Professional Standards

c. Prominent Marketing Research Agencies – HTA, ORG, IMRB, NCAER, Nielson

Additional Information

BOARDMaharashtra State Board
AUTHORDr. Vinayak Parlikar
PUBLISHERManan Prakashan
SUBJECTMarketing Research TYBCOM semester VI



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