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India’s no. 1 inter community platform to buy or sell any books you can think of.

The Stranger Books has the simple, yet powerful capability to target users based on college, city, category, subcategory and product name search.

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The Stranger Books is all about you – The Stranger Books is an inter community C2C online marketplace that connects students to buy, sell or exchange used goods and services by making it fast and easy for anyone to post a listing on the web. Our idea is to facilitate the students to get the study materials inside their college premises. Thus saving their precious time and money. Sellers can easily earn some extra cash by simply posting items that are no longer in use for them – thus, giving buyers the opportunity to find great value items at affordable price deals.


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Our Goal

Our goal is to help our community of buyers and sellers address their needs in the simplest and fastest way. We do this by listening to our community, fostering innovation and keeping the platform simple.




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If you’ve got any questions related to how to sell books, don’t hesitate to drop us a note at [email protected]

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