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Manan Prakashan Books

Manan Prakashan Books

Manan Prakashan​ Books

Address : G,1/2, Siddhi Enclave, Nanda Patkar Road, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400057

Founded in 1991 by Mr Nitin A Shah with the publication of couple of titles for graduate level courses of Mumbai University.

Grown to publish over 250 titles over the last 25 years with a combined sale of over Two and half a million copies today.

Holds over 85% of the Mumbai market share of study material for courses conducted at Undergraduate level to Post graduate in Commerce, Arts and Science streams by Mumbai University.

Over the last 10 years, penetrated the markets beyond Mumbai limits across Maharashtra assisting the State Common Engineering and Medical Entrance Test with quality study material.

Societal responsibility of furthering quality education to all masses, top priority has continually been given to quality and pricing of the study material.


To be a leader in enabling continued excellence to the student community supporting with state-of-the-art mediums of content delivery anytime and anywhere.


Our mission is to publish and distribute the books of highest quality, maintain excellence in publishing and be the trendsetters in meeting the intellectual needs of the nation. Our endeavour is to meet the academic demand of students and professionals.

Pillar of Success ​

The consistent success of the company is attributed to the 3 pillars of growth – Authors, Distribution Channels and Employees

The contributing team comprises of:

Around 100 excellent content authors placed at glorious position in their respective fields in India as Vice Chancellors of dignified universities, Chairpersons of Institutes, Principals, University Professors, Heads of Faculties and free lancing renowned experience authors of repute.

We had developed a wide network of dealers & distributors to make our books readily available to a large section of student community, all over India.

Quality In-house facility for Pre-press design unit with a modern press.

Looking Ahead

Manan Prakashan, a leading publishing house of Mumbai has been able to achieve unmatched market leadership in a very short span of time due to excellence, productivity and reliability in its entire working style. We endeavor to bring out the best work and hence we collaborate with the best minds in the field to deliver to our readers quality work. So, in our journey of publishing business, we have been continuously working towards introducing to the market, affordable and valuable textbooks for one and all.

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The Legacy of Manan Prakashan: Manan Prakashan holds a revered status in the realm of academic publications, particularly in Mumbai University. For over two decades, it has been synonymous with quality content, comprehensive coverage, and unwavering reliability. Its books cater to a diverse array of subjects and disciplines, ranging from commerce and management to science and humanities. What sets Manan Prakashan apart is its unwavering commitment to excellence, evident in every page of their publications.

Comprehensive Coverage: One of the hallmarks of Manan Prakashan books is their comprehensive coverage of syllabi prescribed by Mumbai University. Whether it’s intricate mathematical concepts, complex theories in economics, or historical narratives, these books leave no stone unturned in elucidating the subject matter. With lucid explanations, illustrative examples, and practice questions, they serve as invaluable companions for students striving for academic success.

Student-Friendly Approach: Understanding the diverse needs and learning styles of students, Manan Prakashan adopts a student-friendly approach in crafting their books. Complex topics are broken down into digestible chunks, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding. Moreover, the inclusion of real-life examples and case studies fosters practical application of theoretical concepts, fostering a deeper comprehension of the subject matter.

Alignment with University Syllabus: Manan Prakashan books are meticulously aligned with the syllabi prescribed by Mumbai University. This ensures that students have access to relevant and up-to-date content that is in sync with the academic requirements. By adhering to the prescribed syllabus, these books empower students to focus their efforts on mastering essential concepts, thereby enhancing their academic performance.

Quality Content: Quality is the cornerstone of Manan Prakashan books. Every publication undergoes rigorous scrutiny and is authored by subject matter experts with profound expertise in their respective fields. This unwavering commitment to quality is reflected in the accuracy, depth, and relevance of content, making Manan Prakashan books a trusted resource for students and educators alike.

Supplementary Resources: In addition to their flagship publications, Manan Prakashan offers a plethora of supplementary resources to complement the learning process. These include question banks, solved papers, reference materials, and online resources, all designed to augment students’ understanding and proficiency in their chosen field of study. The availability of these supplementary resources further reinforces the utility and efficacy of Manan Prakashan books.

Positive Impact on Academic Performance: The impact of Manan Prakashan books on academic performance is palpable and profound. Countless students attribute their success in Mumbai University examinations to the comprehensive coverage, clarity of concepts, and practice-oriented approach facilitated by these books. By serving as a reliable guide and mentor, Manan Prakashan books have played a pivotal role in shaping the academic trajectory of students across diverse disciplines.

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