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 India’s largest and only marketplace for second hand books and new books. We connect with all major book retailers and markets. Apart from our own stock, we arrange/source books which are not available with us as well.

Use the search and category options in menu (at the page top) to choose the right book. If there are no results, leave your request in our ‘REQUEST-ANY-BOOK‘ section, and we shall notify you once we source it. Our motive is to serve you with any book which you request us.

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We have never had so much choice when it comes to what we pick up and read. Added to time-honored institutions, such as libraries & coffee shops, we now have bucket-loads of content available from our phones, tablets, eBook readers PCs and even watches. So why are we better off buying good old used books ?

Old Books

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Why do I have to go the one crowded market place and stand in a long unorganization queue for long hours just to buy and sell my semester books……….

Why online Bookstore…..?
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Books, books are the most beautiful thing created by a man. Though their size is small, but the amount of knowledge they kept in them is just invaluable. Books not only provide us with knowledge, they educate us, entertain us, and they also serve us as a good companion when we feel alone. 

What to do with old books

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