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Auditing SYBAF Semester IV Manan Prakashan


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Auditing SYBAF Manan Prakashan

 Semester IV

Elective Courses (EC)
1. Audit Report (15 Lec.)
Reporting requirement under the Companies Act
Qualifications in Audit Report, Disclaimers in Audit Report
Adverse Opinion, Disclosures, Reports & Certificate

2. Audit under Computerized Information System Environment (15 Lec.)
Special aspects of CIS Audit Environment, Need for review of internal control especially procedure controls and facility controls
Approach to audit in CIS environment
Use of computer for internal and management audit purposes
Audit tools, test packs, computerized audit programmes
Special aspects in Audit of E-Commerce Transaction

3. Professional Ethics (15 Lec.)
Code of Ethics with special reference to the relevant provisions of The Chartered Accountant Act and the Regulations thereunder
The Chartered Accountant Act
Members who are deemed to be in practice
Significance of the Certificate of Practice
Disabilities for purpose of Membership
Disciplinary Procedure
Professional Misconduct

4. Investigation and Due Diligence (15 Lec.)
Auditing and Investigation
Steps in Investigation
Special aspects in connection with Business Investigation
Types of Investigation (only introduction)
Meaning of Due Diligence
Purpose of Due Diligence

Relevant Law/Statute/Rules in force in force on 1st April immediately preceding the commencement of the Academic Year is applicable for ensuring examination after the relevant year.

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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN-13 978-93-86758-39-2
AUTHOR Ainapure – Ainapure
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Auditing SYBAF Semester IV

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