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Basics of Financial Services SYBMS Semester III Manan Prakashan


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Basics of Financial Services  SYBMS
Semester III Manan Prakashan

Unit – 1 : Financial System (14 Lec.)
An overview of Financial System, Financial Markets,
Structure of Financial Market (Organised and Unorganized Market),
Components of Financial System, Major Financial Intermediaries, Financial Products, Function of Financial System, Regulatory Framework of Indian Financial System (Overview of SEBI and RBI-Role and Importance as regulators).
Unit – 2 : Commercial Banks, RBI And Development Banks (16 Lec.)
Concept of Commercial Banks – Functions, Investment Policy of Commercial Banks, Liquidity in Banks, Asset Structure of Commercial
Banks, Non-Performing Assets, Interest Rate reforms, Capital Adequacy Norms.
Reserve Bank of India – Organisation & Management, Role and Functions
Development Banks – Characteristics of Development Banks, Need And Emergence of Development Financial Institutions In India, Function of Development Banks.
Unit – 3 : Insurance (15 Lec.)
Concept, Basic Characteristics of Insurance, Insurance Company Operations, Principles of Insurance, Reinsurance, Purpose and Need of Insurance, Different Kinds of Life Insurance Products, Basic Idea About Fire and Marine Insurance and Bancassurance
Unit – 4 : Mutual Funds (15 Lec.)
Concept of Mutual Funds, Growth of Mutual Funds in India, Features and Importance of Mutual Fund. Mutual Fund Schemes, Money Market Mutual Funds, Private Sector Mutual Funds, Evaluation of the Performance of Mutual Funds, Functioning of Mutual Funds in India.

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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN 978-93-86758-15-6
AUTHOR V. S. Kannan, Vaibhav Ashar
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Basics of Financial Services SYBMS Semester III

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