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Business Communication FYBMS – II FYBMS/BAF/BFM/BBI Semester II manan Prakashan


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Business Communication FYBMS – II Manan Prakashan

Unit 1 : Presentation Skills
1. Presentations : (to be tested in tutorials only) (15 Lec.)
Principles of Effective Presentation
Effective use of OHP
Effective use of Transparencies
How to make a Power-Point Presentation
Unit 2 : Group Communication (15 Lec.)
1. Interviews : Group Discussion, Preparing for an Interview
Types of Interviews – Selection, Appraisal, Grievance, Exit
2. Meetings : Need and Importance of Meetings, Conduct of Meeting and Group Dynamics
Role of the Chairperson, Role of the Participants
Drafting of Notice, Agenda and Resolutions
3. Conference : Meaning and Importance of Conference
Organizing a Conference
Modern Methods : Video and Tele-Conferencing
4. Public Relations : Meaning, Functions of PR Department
External and Internal Measures of PR
Unit 3 : Business Correspondence (15 Lec.)
1. Trade Letters :
Order, Credit and Status Enquiry, Collection (Just a brief introduction to be given)
Only following to be taught in detail :-
Letters of Inquiry, Letters of Complaints, Claims, Adjustments
Sales Letters, Promotional Leaflets and Fliers
Consumer Grievance Letters
Letters under Right to Information (RTI) Act
[Teachers must provide students with theoretical constructs wherever necessary in order to create awareness. However students are not be tested on the theory.]
Unit 4 : Language and Writing Skills (15 Lec.)
1. Reports :
Parts, Types, Feasibility Reports, Investigative Reports
2. Summarisation :
Identification of main and supporting / sub points, Presenting these in cohesive manner.

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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN 978-93-89293-59-3
AUTHOR Dr. Neeta Chakravarty
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Business Communication – II FYBAF Semester II

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