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Business Economics – VI (Marvel) TYBCOM Semester VI


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Business Economics – VI Manan Prakashan
TYBCOM Semester VI
Module – I : Introduction to International Trade (10 Lec.)
l Theories of International Trade – Ricardo’s Theory of Comparative Costs and  the Heckscher-Ohlin Theory
l Terms of Trade – Types and Limitations
l  Gains From International Trade – Offer Curves and Reciprocal Demand
Module – II : Commercial Policy (10 Lec.)
l Commercial Trade Policy – Free Trade and Protection – Pros and Cons.
l Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers : Meaning, Types and Effects
l International Economic Integration – Types and Objectives : EU and Brexit, ASEAN
Module – III : Balance of Payments and International Economic Organisation (15 Lec.)
l Balance of Payment : Meaning, Structure, Types of Disequilibrium
l Causes and Measures to Correct the Disequilibrium in Balance of Payments
l WTO – Recent Developments in TRIPS, TRIMS and GATS
Module – IV : Foreign Exchange Market (10 Lec.)
l Foreign Exchange Market : Meaning, Functions, Determination of Equilibrium Rate of Exchange
l Purchasing Power Parity Theory, Spot and Forward Exchange Rates, Arbitrage
l Role of Central Bank in Foreign Exchange Rate Management, Managed Flexible Exchange Rate System of India

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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
ISBN 978-81-939125-1-5
AUTHOR Michael Vaz
ED All
SUBJECT Business Economics – VI TYBCOM Semester VI

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