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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility MCOM Part I Semester I Manan Prakashan


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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

MCOM Part 1 Semester I Manan Prakashan



1. Introduction to Business Ethics (15 Lec.)

l Business Ethics – Concept, Characteristics, Importance and Need for business ethics. Indian Ethos, Ethics and Values, Work Ethos

l Sources of Ethics, Concept of Corporate Ethics, code of Ethics-Guidelines for developing code of ethics, Ethics Management Programme, Ethics Committee

l Various approaches to Business Ethics – Theories of Ethics- Friedman’s Economic theory, Kant’s Deontological theory, Mill & Bentham’s Utilitarianism theory

l Gandhian Approach in Management and Trusteeship, Importance and relevance of trusteeship principle in Modern Business, Gandhi’s Doctrine of Satya and Ahimsa

l Emergence of new values in Indian Industries after economic reforms of 1991

2. Indian Ethical Practices and Corporate Governance (15 Lec.)

l Ethics in Marketing and Advertising, Human Resources Management, Finance and Accounting, Production,  Information Technology, Copyrights and Patents

l Corporate Governance : Concept, Importance, Evolution of Corporate Governance, Principles of Corporate Governance

l Regulatory Framework of Corporate Governance in India, SEBI Guidelines and clause 49, Audit Committee, Role of Independent Directors, Protection of Stake Holders, Changing roles of corporate Boards

l Elements of Good Corporate Governance, Failure of Corporate Governance and its consequences

3. Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (15 Lec.)

l Corporate Social Responsibility: Concept, Scope & Relevance and Importance of CSR in Contemporary Society

l Corporate philanthropy, Models for Implementation of CSR, Drivers of CSR, Prestigious awards for CSR in India

l CSR and Indian Corporations- Legal Provisions and Specification on CSR, A Score Card, Future of CSR in India

l Role of NGO’s and International Agencies in CSR, Integrating CSR into Business

4. Areas of CSR and CSR Policy (15 Lec.)

l CSR towards Stakeholders— Shareholders, Creditors and Financial Institutions, Government, Consumers, Employees and Workers, Local Community and Society

l CSR and environmental concerns

l Designing CSR Policy- Factors influencing CSR Policy, Role of HR Professionals in CSR

l Global Recognitions of CSR- ISO- 14000-SA 8000 – AA 1000 – Codes formulated by UN Global Compact – UNDP, Global Reporting Initiative; major codes on CSR

l CSR and Sustainable Development

l CSR through Triple Bottom Line in Business.


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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN-13 978-81-947859-1-0
AUTHOR Michael Vaz and Aurora vaz
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility MCOM Part I Semester I

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