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Communication Skills in English II FYBA Semester II Manan Prakashan


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Communication Skills in English II

FYBA Semester II  Manan Prakashan



Unit – 1 : Basic Language Skills : Vocabulary Building (09 Lec.)
l Antonyms, Synonyms
l Suffixes, Prefixes, Root Words
l Homophones, Homonyms
l Collocation
l Changing the Class of Words

Unit – 2 : Editing and Summarization: (09 Lec.)
(a) Editing :
l Heading / Headlines / Title / Use of Capital Letters
l Punctuation: full stop, comma, colon, semi-colon, dash, ellipsis, exclamation and question marks
l Spelling
l Substitution of words
l Use of link words and other cohesive devices
l Removing repetitive or redundant elements

(b) Summarization
The following skills to be acquired:
l Discern the main/central idea of the passage
l Identify the supporting ideas
l Eliminate irrelevant or extraneous information
l Integrate the relevant ideas in a precise and coherent manner

Unit – 3 : Writing Skills : E-mails (09 Lec.)
l Inquiry
l Invitation
l Thank you
l Request for permission
l Sponsorship

Unit – 4 : Report Writing (09 Lec.)
l Eye-witness Report
l Activity Report
l Newspaper Report

Unit – 5 : Creative Writing (09 Lec.)
This unit attempts to cover those aspects of writing that go beyond the boundaries of technical or professional forms of writing and encourage the learner to explore the artistic and imaginative elements of writing.
l Story writing
l Dialogue writing
l Blogging : fashion, travel, food, culture, personal blogs

Suggested Topics for Tutorials : (For Both Semesters)

1. Group Discussions
2. Mock Interviews
3. Fundamentals of Grammar
4. Debates / Speeches
5. Book / Film Reviews
6. Vocabulary and Language Games
7. Picture Composition
8. Tweets


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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
ISBN-13 978-93-89293-70-8
AUTHOR Neeta Chakravarty
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Communication Skills in English II FYBA Semester II

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