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Communication Skills in English FYBA Semester I Manan Prakashan


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Communication Skills in English FYBA  Manan Prakashan

Semester I



Unit 1 : Introduction to Communication Skills (8 Lectures)
1. English as An International Language and Varieties of English
2. Significance and Ways of Effective Communication in English
3. Listening for Academic and Professional Development
4. Formal and Informal Communication in Spoken English
5. Reading for Different Purposes
6. Features of Effective Writing Skills
7. Study Skills in English
This unit shall work as theoretical base for the following units that are practical in nature.


Unit 2 : Developing Comprehension Skills in English (12 Lectures)
A. Reading Skills
1. Scanning a Text for Information
2. Skimming a Passage to Look for Main Ideas, Understanding Text Type
3. Guessing the Meaning of An Expression (Word / Phrase / Clause)
4. Building Inference Skills
5. Understanding Language Structure (such as Subject Verb Agreement, Voice, Direct and Reported Speech)
6. Note Making
7. Summarising
Passages from fables, folk stories, short stories, non-fiction, history, business or environment, of around 250- 300 words, could be chosen in this unit.
B. Listening Skills
1. Listening for Main Ideas / Gist
2. Listening for Detail
3. Listening for Text Organisation Features
4. Listening for Tone, Accent, Style and Register
5. Predicting Content and Guessing Meaning
6. Making Inferences from the Audio-Visual Text
7. Listening for Opinion / Argument / Counter-Arguments, etc.
8. Taking Notes
A variety of relevant audio/visual texts as samples may be drawn from various sources.
Listening skills in English should be developed through various activities along with the practice done while teaching in the class.


Unit 3 : Speaking Skills in English (15 Lectures)
A. Public Speaking in English
1. Introduction
2. Characteristics of An Effective Speech
3. Analysis of Model Speeches
4. Drafting and Presenting a Speech in Formal and Informal Gatherings
B. Conversation in English
1. Opening a Conversation
2. Introducing Oneself in Various Contexts
3. Introducing Others Formally and Informally
4. Building a Conversation
5. Leaving and Closing a Conversation
6. Conversation in Group in Various Situations
C. Speaking at an Event
1. Anchoring / Compering An Event
2. Introducing Guests / Speakers / Dignitaries
3. Proposing a Vote of Thanks
A variety of relevant texts as samples may be drawn from print and non-print sources such as books, videos, audio files, etc. Speaking skills in English should be developed through various activities along with the practice done while teaching in the class.


Unit 4: Formal Writing Skills (10 Lectures)
A. Letters
1. Job Applications with Biodata (Solicited and Unsolicited)
2. RTI Applications
3. Applications for Duplicate Documents (I-cards / Marksheet, etc.)
B. E-mails
1. Job Acceptance and Joining
2. Resignation
3. Complaints
4. Requests for References
5. Request for Sponsorship


Tutorial Activities :
1. Use of YouTube videos for use of grammar study and practice that may be taken from the list recommended or similar relevant videos.
2. Listening to audio clips/books to enhance listening skills.
3. Reading aloud from newspapers, magazines, stories, and non-fiction followed by classroom discussion on these to enhance reading and speaking skills.
4. Making short presentations on given topics.
5. Official letter writing / email writing exercises.



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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN 978-93-91381-00-4
AUTHOR Neeta Chakravarty
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Communication Skills in English FYBA Semester I

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