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Consumer Behaviour SYBMS Semester III Manan Prakashan


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Consumer Behaviour
Semester III Manan Prakashan


1. Introduction To Consumer Behaviour (14 Lec.)
l Meaning of Consumer Behaviour,  Features and  Importance
l Types of Consumer (Institutional & Retail), Diversity of Consumers and Their Behaviour – Types of Consumer Behaviour
l Profiling the Consumer and Understanding Their Needs
l Consumer Involvement
l Application of Consumer Behaviour Knowledge in Marketing
l Consumer Decision Making Process and Determinants of Buyer
l Behaviour, Factors Affecting each Stage and Need recognition

2. Individual – Determinants of Consumer Behaviour (16 Lec.)
l Consumer Needs & Motivation (Theories – Maslow, McClelland)
l Personality – Concept, Nature of Personality, Freudian, Non – Freudian and Trait Theories, Personality Traits and It’s Marketing Significance, Product Personality and Brand Personification
l Self Concept – Concept
l Consumer Perception
l Learning – Theory, Nature of Consumer Attitudes, Consumer Attitude
l Formation & Change
l Attitude – Concept of Attitude

3. Environmental Determinants of Consumer Behaviour   (15 Lec.)
l Family Influences on Buyer Behaviour
l Roles of Different Members, Needs Perceived and Evaluation Rules
l Factors Affecting the Need of the Family, Family Life Cycle Stage and Size
l Social Class and Influences
l Group Dynamics & Consumer Reference Groups, Social Class & Consumer Behaviour – Reference Groups, Opinion Leaders and Social Influences In-group versus Out-group Influences, Role of Opinion Leaders in Diffusion of Innovation and in Purchase Process.
l Cultural Influences on Consumer Behaviour Understanding Cultural and Sub-cultural Influences on Individual, Norms and Their Role, Customs, Traditions and Value System

4. Consumer Decision Making Models and New Trends  (15 Lec.)
l Consumer Decision Making Models:  Howard Sheth Model, Engel Blackwell, Miniard Model, Nicosia Models of Consumer Decision Making
l Diffusion of Innovations, Process of Diffusion and Adoption, Innovation, Decision Process, Innovator Profiles
l E-Buying Behaviour, The E-buyer vis-a-vis the Brick and Mortar Buyer, Influences on E-buying

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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN 978-93-88626-99-6
AUTHOR Michael Vaz, Aurora Vaz
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Consumer Behaviour SYBMS Semester III

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