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E-Commerce MCOM Part 1 Semester II Manan Prakashan


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MCOM Part 1 Semester II


E-Commerce MCOM Part 1 Semester II Manan Prakashan

1. Introduction to Electronic Commerce – Evolution and Models
l Evolution of E-Commerce-Introduction, History/Evolution of Electronic Commerce, Roadmap of E-Commerce in India, Main activities, Functions and Scope of E-Commerce.
l Benefits and Challenges of E-Commerce, E-Commerce Business Strategies for Marketing, Sales and Promotions.
l Business Models of E-Commerce- Characteristics of Business to Business(B2B), Business to Consumers (B2C), Business to Government (B2G)
l Concepts of other models of E-commerce.
l Business to Consumer E-Commerce process, Business to Business E-Commerce- Need and Importance, alternative models of B2B E-Commerce.
l E-Commerce Sales Product Life Cycle (ESLC) Model
2. World Wide Web and E-enterprise
l World Wide Web-Reasons for building own website, Benefits of Website, Registering a Domain Name, Role of web site in B2C E-commerce; push and pull approaches; Web site design principles.
l EDI and paperless trading; Pros & Cons of EDI; Related new technologies use in E-commerce.
l Applications of E-commerce and E-enterprise – Applications to Customer Relationship Management – Types of E-CRM, Functional Components of E-CRM.
l Managing the E-enterprise – Introduction, Managing the E-enterprise, Comparison between Conventional and E-organisation, Organisation of Business in an E-enterprise, Benefits and Limitations of E- enterprise
3. E-marketing and Electronic Payment System
l E-Marketing- Scope and Techniques of E-Marketing, Traditional web promotion; Web counters; Web advertisements, Role of Social media.
l E-Commerce Customer Strategies for Purchasing and support activities, Planning for Electronic Commerce and its initiates, The pros and cons of online shopping, Justify an Internet business.
l Electronic Payment System-Characteristics of E-payment system, SET Protocol for credit card payment, prepaid e-payment service, post-paid E-payment system, Types of payment systems.
l Operational, credit and legal risks of E-payment system, Risk management options for E-payment systems, Set standards / principles for E-payment
4. Legal and Regulatory Environment and Security issues of E-commerce
l Introduction to Cyber Laws-World Scenario, Cyber-crime& Laws in India and their limitations, Hacking, Web Vandals, E-mail Abuse, Software Piracy and Patents.
l Taxation Issues, Protection of Cyber Consumers in India and CPA 1986, Importance of Electronic Records as Evidence.
l Security Issues in E-Commerce- Risk management approach to Ecommerce Security – Types and sources of threats, Protecting electronic commerce assets and intellectual property.
l Security Tools, Client server network security, Electronic signature, Encryption and concepts of public and private key infrastructure

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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN-13 978-93-86187-73-4
AUTHOR Michael Vaz and Paulraj Arunachalam
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT E-Commerce MCOM Part 1 Semester II



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