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Environment Education and Water Security Standard Twelve Commerce


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Environment Education and Water Security

Standard    XII


Environment Education and Water Security Standard Twelve Commerce



1. Humans and Environment
1.1 Population growth
1.2 Rural and urban settlements
1.3 Indigenous communities and traditions
1.4 Environment and health
1.5 Right to live, human rights and value education

2. Environmental Pollution
2.1 Air pollution
2.2 Climate change
2.3 Soil pollution
2.4 Noise pollution
2.5 Solid waste management

3. Sustainable Development
3.1. Need for sustainable development
3.2. Sustainable Development Goals
3.3. Challenges for sustainable development
3.4. Sustainable Agriculture
3.5. Role of individuals, community and government in
sustainable development

4. Practices for Environmental Protection
4.1 Consumer Education
4.2 Eco-labelling
4.3 Environment Impact Assessment
4.4 Green Audit
4.5 Eco-tourism
4.6 International Conventions and agreements

5. Water Security
5.1 Water resources
5.2 Need and importance of water resources
5.3 Water scarcity
5.4 Water contamination
5.5 Water conservation and management methods

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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
PUBLISHER Vivek Uttam Gosavi Controller
YEAR 2022
ED First
SUBJECT Environment Education and Water Supply

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