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Environment Education Standard Eleven Ebook

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Environment Education Standard Eleven Ebook


1. Environment and Sustainable Development
1.1 Interdisciplinary nature of Environment
1.2 Scope and Importance
1.3 National and International Organizations
1.4 Contribution of people for environment protection
1.5 Sustainable Development
2. Ecosystems
2.1 Scope of ecology
2.2 Structure and functions of ecosystem
2.3 Types of ecosystems
2.4 Dynamics of ecosystem
2.5 Ecosystem services
2.6 Species interdependence and interactions
2.7 Ecological succession
3. Biodiversity
3.1. What is biodiversity?
3.2. Levels of biodiversity
3.3. Values of biodiversity
3.4. India as a Mega Diversity Nation
3.5. Threats to Biodiversity
3.6. Man and wildlife conflict
3.7. Conservation of Biodiversity
4. Natural Resources
4.1 Water
4.2 Forest
4.3 Food
4.4 Land
4.5 Minerals
4.6 Sustainable use of natural resources
5. Disasters
5.1 Understanding disasters
5.2 Types of disasters
5.3 Natural disasters
5.4 Manmade disasters
5.5 Effects of disasters
5.6 Disaster emergency

Additional Information

BOARD Maharashtra State Board
STREAM Commerce
PUBLISHER Vivek Uttam Gosavi Controller
YEAR 2019
ED First
SUBJECT Environmental Education


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