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Environmental Studies Part Two Standard Four


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Environmental Studies Part Two

Standard   IV

1. Maharashtra before Shivaji
2. Work of the Saints
3. Maratha Sardars – The Famous House of the Bhonsales
4. Shivaji’s Childhood
5. Shivaji’s Education
6. The Oath of Swaraj
7. Swaraj : First Conquest
8. Defeat of Internal Enemies
9. Pratapgad makes History.
10. Baji Prabhu and the Memorable Battle of Ghodkhind
11. The Discomfiture of Shaistakhan
12. The Siege of Purandar and the Treaty with the Moghul Emperor
13. Shivaji gives the slip to the Emperor.
14. The Fort is captured but the Lion is dead.
15. A Memorable Ceremony
16. Campaign in the South
17. Management of Forts and the Navy
18. Management of the Welfare State of Swaraj

Additional Information


BOARD Maharashtra State Board
SCHOOL Primary  School
PUBLISHER Vivek Uttam Gosavi Controller
YEAR 2018
ED First
SUBJECT Environmental  Studies  Part Two


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