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Financial Market Operations SYBAF Semester III Manan Prakashan


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Financial Market Operations SYBAF
 Manan Prakashan
Semester III


1. An Overview of the Financial System (5 Lec.)
Saving and Investment Money
Inflation and Interest
Banking and Non Banking Financial Intermediaries

2. Financial Markets (15 Lec.)
Financial Markets : Introduction and meaning, Government Economic Philosophy and Financial Market, Structure of Financial Market in India
Capital Market : Introduction and meaning, Concept, Role, Importance, Evolution in India, Primary Market System and Regulations in India, Secondary Market System
Bond Market in India
Debt Market in India
3. Financial Instruments (10 Lec.)
Meaning and types of Financial Instruments
Characteristics of Financial Instruments: Liquidity, Maturity, Safety and Yield
REPO, TBs, Equities, Bonds, Derivatives, others
4. Financial Services (15 Lec.)
Merchant Banking : Managing of Public Equity / Debenture Issues Mobilizing Fixed Deposits, Arranging Inter-corporate Loans,
Raising term Finance and Loan Syndication.
Other Financial Services: Consumer Finance, Credit Cards, Mutual Funds and Commercial Paper

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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN-13 978-93-88626-75-0
AUTHOR V. S. Kannan, Vaibhav Ashar
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED all
SUBJECT Financial Market Operations SYBAF Semester III

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