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Financial Markets – SYBBI Semester III Manan Prakashan


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Financial Markets SYBBI Semester III




1. Indian Financial System (15 Lectures)
(A) Introduction, Meaning, Functions of Financial System, Indian Financial System from Financial Neutrality to Financial Activism and from Financial Volatility to Financial Stability, Role of Government in Financial Development, Overview of Phases of Indian Financial System since Independence (State Domination – 1947-1990, Financial Sector Reforms 1991 till Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission 2013), Monitoring Framework for Financial Conglomerates
(B) Structure of Indian Financial System – Banking & Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Organized and Unorganized Financial Markets, Financial Assets / Instruments, Fund Based & Fee Based Financial Services

2. Financial Markets in India (15 Lectures)
(A) Indian Money Market – Meaning, Features, Functions, Importance, Defects, Participants, Components of Organized and Unorganized Markets and Reforms
(B) Indian Capital Market – Meaning, Features, Functions, Importance, Participants, Instruments, Reforms in Primary and Secondary Market
(C) Indian Stock Market – Meaning and Functions of Stock Exchange – NSE and BSE
(D) Equity Market – Primary Market, IPO, Book Building, Role of Merchant Bankers, ASBA, Green Shoe Option, Issue of Bonus Shares, Right Shares, Sweat Equity Shares, ESOP.
(E) Indian Debt Market – Market Instruments, Listing, Primary and Secondary Segments

3. Commodity Market (15 Lectures)
♦ Introduction to Commodities Market – Meaning History & Origin, Types of Commodities Traded
♦ Structure of Commodities Market in India
♦ Participants in Commodities Market, Trading in Commodities in India (Cash & Derivative Segment)
♦ Commodity Exchanges in India & Abroad
♦ Reasons for Investing in Commodities

4. Derivatives Market (15 Lectures)
♦ Introduction to Derivatives Market – Meaning, History & Origin
♦ Elements of a Derivative Contract
♦ Factors Driving Growth of Derivatives Market
♦ Types of Derivatives, Types of Underlying Assets, Participants in Derivatives Market, Advantages & Disadvantages of Trading in Derivatives Market
♦ Current Volumes of Derivative Trade in India
♦ Difference Between Forwards & Futures

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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN-13 978-93-88626-95-8
AUTHOR Michael Vaz Meeta Seta
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Financial Markets SYBBI Semester III

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