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Foundation Course (Marvel) FYBCOM/FYBAF/FYBMS/FYBFM/FYBBI/FYBA Semester II


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Foundation Course
FYBCOM Semester II
Unit 1 : Globalisation and Indian Society (7 Lec.)
Understanding the concepts of liberalization, privatization and globalization;
Growth of information technology and communication and its impact manifested in everyday life;
Impact of globalization on industry: changes in employment and increasing migration;
Changes in agrarian sector due to globalization; rise in corporate farming and increase in farmers’ suicides.
Unit 2 : Human Rights (10 Lec.)
Concept of Human Rights; origin and evolution of the concept;
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
Human Rights constituents with special reference to Fundamental Rights stated in the Constitution.
Unit 3 : Ecology (10 Lec.)
Importance of Environment Studies in the current developmental context;
Understanding Concepts of Environment, Ecology and their inter-connectedness;
Environment as natural capital and connection to quality of human life;
Environmental Degradation – Causes and Impact on human life;
Sustainable Development – Concept and components; poverty and environment
Unit 4 : Understanding Stress and Conflict (10 Lec.)
Causes of stress and conflict in individuals and society;
Agents of socialization and the role played by them in developing the individual;
Significance of values, ethics and prejudices in developing the individual;
Stereotyping and prejudice as significant factors in causing conflicts in society.
Aggression and violence as the public expression of conflict.
Unit 5 : Managing Stress and Conflict in Contemporary Society (8 Lec.)
Types of conflicts and use of coping mechanisms for managing individual stress;
Maslow’s theory of self-actualisation;
Different methods of responding to conflicts in society;
Conflict-resolution and efforts towards building peace and harmony in society.
Topics For Project Guidance : Contemporary Societal Challenges
(a) Increasing urbanization, problems of housing, health and sanitation;
(b) Changing lifestyles and impact on culture in a globalised world.
(c) Farmers’ suicides and agrarian distress.
(d) Debate regarding Genetically Modified Crops.
(e) Development projects and Human Rights violations.
(f) Increasing crime/suicides among youth.
Note: Out of the 45 lectures allotted for 5 units for Semester II, about 15 lectures may be allotted for project guidance.

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ISBN 978-81-933717-8-7
AUTHOR Mascarenhas, Mody
ED All
SUBJECT Foundation Course (Marvel) FYBCOM Semester II

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