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History of Ancient India SYBA Semester IV Manan Prakashan


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History of Ancient India SYBA Semester IV

(From Earliest Times to 1000 A.D.)

SYBA Semester IV


Module – I : Mauryan and Post – Mauryan Period (322 B.C. to 320 A.D.)

(a) Chandragupta and Ashoka

(b) Mauryan Administration

(c) Post Mauryan Dynasties- Sungas, Kushanas and Satavahanas

Module – II : Gupta Age (320 A.D. to 600 A.D.)

(a) Imperial Expansion: Chandragupta I, Samudragupta and Chandragupta II

(b) Administration

(c) Classical Age

Module – III : Post Gupta Period (600 A.D. to 1000 A.D.)

(a) The Age of Harshavardhan

(b) The Rise of Rajputs

(c) Arab Invasion of Sind

Module – IV : Major Dynasties of Deccan and South India

(a) Chalukyas of Badami and Rashtrakutas

(b) Pallavas and Cholas

(c) Spread of Indian Culture in South-East Asia


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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN-13 978-93-88626-00-2
AUTHOR Dr. Eugene D’Souza
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT History of Ancient India Semester IV

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