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History of Contemporary India TYBA Semester VI Manan Prakashan


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History of Contemporary India TYBA Manan Prakashan


Semester VI


Module – I : The Nehru Era (1947 CE – 1964 CE)

(a) Features of Indian Constitution

(b) Integration and Reorganization of Indian States

(c) Socio- Economic Reforms and Foreign Policy

Module – II : Political, Social and Economic Developments (1964 CE – 1984 CE)

(a) Political Developments after Nehru Era; Green Revolution

(b) Abolition of Privy Purses and Titles; Nationalization of Banks; The Emergency

(c) Janata Government; Return of Congress to power ; Foreign Policy

Module – III : Political, Social and Economic Developments (1984 CE – 2000 CE)

(a) Political Developments

(b) Relations with Neighboring Countries

(c) Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization

Module – IV : Emerging Trends

(a) Communalism and Separatist Movements

(b) Women Empowerment and Policy of Reservation

(c) Science, Technology and Education


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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN 978-93-88626-06-4
AUTHOR Dr. Eugene J. D’Souza
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT History of Contemporary India TYBA Semester VI

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