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History of The Marathas TYBA Semester VI Manan Prakashan


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History of The Marathas TYBA

(1707 CE – 1818 CE)

TYBA Semester VI




1. To enable the students to understand the processes that led to the expansion of the Maratha power.
2. To appreciate the contribution of the Marathas in the national politics of the 18th century.
3. To develop an understanding of the society and culture in Maharashtra in the 18th century.

Module – I : Expansion of the Maratha Power (12)
A. Rise of the Peshwas – Balaji Vishwanath
B. Peshwa Bajirao I
C. Maratha Confederacy

Module – II : Consolidation of the Maratha Power (12)
A. Peshwa Balaji Bajirao (Nanasaheb)
B. Third Battle of Panipat – Causes and Consequences
C. Defeat of the Marathas and Significance of the Third Battle of Panipat

Module – III : Post Panipat Revival and Downfall (11)
A. Peshwa Madhavrao I
B. Barbhai Council
C. Downfall of the Maratha Power

Module – IV : Administrative and Socio-Cultural Developments (10)
A. Peshwa Administration – Civil, Revenue & Military
B. Society under the Peshwas – Religion, Caste and Position of Women
C. Cultural Developments – Literature, Art & Architecture


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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN 978-93-5750-030-2
AUTHOR Dr. Sonali Pednekar – Dr. Mohsina Mukadam
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT History of The Marathas TYBA

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