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Indian Political System FYBA Semester I Manan Prakashan


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Indian Political System

FYBA  Manan Prakashan

Semester I

1. Introduction to The Constitution (Lec. 12)
1.1 Brief History of the Making of Constitution
1.2 Preamble
1.3 Basic Features

2. Citizens and The Constitution (Lec. 11)
2.1 Fundamental Rights – Articles 14 to 19
2.2 Fundamental Rights – Articles 20 to 32
2.3 Directive Principles of State Policy

3. Legislature and Judiciary (Lec. 11)
3.1 Parliament
3.2 Judicial System – Original and Writ Jurisdiction
3.3 Judicial Activism

4. Executive (Lec. 11)
4.1 Union Executive – The President
4.2 Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
4.3 Local Self-government – 73rd, 74th Amendments and Their Implementation


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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
AUTHOR Prof. Rutuja Dhumale
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Indian Political System FYBA Semestee I

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