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Information Technology in Business Management SYBMS – I Semester III Manan Prakashan


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Information Technology in Business Management Sybms – I 
S.Y.B.M.S. Semester – III Manan Prakashan
Information Technology in Business Management SYBMS – I Semester III Manan Prakashan


1. Introduction to IT Support in Management
♦ Information Technology Concepts
Concept of Data, Information and Knowledge
Concept of Database
♦ Introduction to Information Systems and its major components.
Types and Levels of Information Systems
Main types of IT Support Systems
Computer based Information Systems (CBIS)
– Types of CBIS – brief descriptions and their interrelationships/hierarchies
– Office Automation System (OAS)
– Transaction Processing System (TPS)
– Management Information System (MIS)
– Decision Support Systems (DSS)
– Executive Information System (EIS)
– Knowledge based System, Expert System
♦ Success and Failure of Information Technology
Failures of Nike and AT&T
♦ IT Development Trends
Major areas of IT Applications in Management
♦ Concept of Digital Economy and Digital Organization
♦ IT Resources
Open Source Software – Concept and Applications.Study of Different Operating Systems. (Windows / Linux/ DOS)

2. Office Automation using MS Office
♦ Learn Word :
Creating/Saving of Document
Editing and Formatting Features
Designing a title page, Preparing Index,
Use of Smart Art
Cross Reference, Bookmark and Hyperlink.
Mail Merge Feature
♦ Spreadsheet Application (e.g. MS-Excel/
Creating/Saving and editing spreadsheets
Drawing charts.
Using Basic Functions: text, math & trig, statistical, date & time, database, financial, logical
Using Advanced Functions : Use of VLookup/HLookupData analysis – sorting data, filtering data (AutoFilter, Advanced Filter), data validation, what-if analysis (using data tables/scenarios), creating sub-totals and grand totals, pivot table/chart, goal seek/solver
♦ Presentation Software
Creating a presentation with minimum 20 slides with a script.
Presenting in different views,
Inserting Pictures, Videos, Creating animation effects on them
Slide Transitions, Timed Presentations
Rehearsal of presentation

3. Email, Internet and its Applications
♦ Introduction to Email
Writing professional emails
Creating digitally signed documents
♦ Use of Outlook :
Configuring Outlook, Creating and Managing profile in outlook, Sending and Receiving Emails through outlook Emailing the merged documents.
Introduction to Bulk Email software
♦ Internet
Understanding Internet Technology
Concepts of Internet, Intranet, Extranet
Networking Basics, Different types of networks.
Concepts (Hubs, Bridges, Routers, IP addresses)
Study of LAN, MAN, WAN
♦ DNS Basics
Domain Name Registration, Hosting Basics
♦ Emergence of E-commerce and M-Commerce
Concept of E-commerce and M-Commerce
Definition of E-commerce and M-Commerce
Business models of e-commerce : models based on transaction party (B2B, B2C,B2G, C2B, C2C, E-Governance)
Models based on revenue models, Electronics Funds Transfer, Electronic Data Interchange.

4. E-Security Systems
♦ Threats to Computer Systems and Control Measures
Types of threats – Virus, hacking, phishing, spyware, spam, physical threats (fire, flood, earthquake, vandalism)
Threat Management
♦ IT Risk
Definition, Measuring IT Risk, Risk Mitigation and Management
♦ Information Systems Security
♦ Security on the internet
Network and website security risks
Website Hacking and Issues therein
Security and Email
♦ E-Business Risk Management Issues
Firewall concept and component, Benefits of Firewall
♦ Understanding and defining Enterprise wide security framework
♦ Information Security Environment in India with respect to Real Time Application in Business
Types of Real Time Systems, Distinction between Real Time, On – line and Batch Processing System. Real Time Applications viz. Railway / Airway / Hotel Reservation System, ATMs, EDI Transactions – definition, advantages, examples; E-Cash, Security requirements for Safe E-Payments
Security measures in International and Cross Border financial transactions
♦ Threat Hunting Software


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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN 978-93-88626-79-8
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Information Technology in Business Management Sybms



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