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Introduction to Cost Accounting SYBMS Semester III Manan Prakashan


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Introduction to Cost Accounting
Semester III Manan Prakashan

1 Introduction (15 Lec.)
l Meaning, Nature and scope – Objective of Cost Accounting – Financial Accounting v/s Cost Accounting – Advantages and Disadvantages of Cost Accounting – Elements of Costs – Cost classification (concept only) – Installation of Cost Accounting System, Process (Simple and Inter process) and Job Costing (Practical Problems)
2 Elements of Cost (20 Lec.)
l Material Costing – Stock valuation (FIFO & weighted average method), EOQ, EOQ with discounts, Calculation of Stock levels (Practical Problems)
l Labour Costing – (Bonus and Incentive Plans) (Practical Problems)
l Overhead Costing (Primary and Secondary Distribution)
3 Cost Projection (15 Lec.)
l Cost Sheet (Current and Estimated) (Practical Problems)
l Reconciliation of financial accounts and cost accounting (Practical Problems)
4 Emerging Cost Concepts (10 Lec.)
Uniform Costing and Interfirm Comparison, Emerging Concepts – Target Costing, Benchmarking, JIT, The Balanced Scorecard; Strategic Based Control; Concept, Process, Implementation of Balanced Scorecard, Challenges in implementation of Balanced Scorecard

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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN 978-93-88626-57-6
AUTHOR Ainapure & Ainapure
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Introduction to Cost Accounting SYBMS Semester III

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