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Introduction to Museology and Archival Science TYBA Semester VI Manan Prakashan


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Introduction to Museology and Archival Science TYBA Manan Prakashan


Semester VI


Module – I : Museology

(a) Definition of Museology, Museum Movement in India

(b) Role of the Curator

(c) Types of Museums

Module – II : Museums

(a) Methods of Collection and Conservation of Objects in Museums

(b) Preservation Techniques and Types of Exhibitions

(c) Changing Role of Museums: In-house and Out-reach activities of Museums

Module – III : Archival Science

(a) Meaning, Scope, Objectives and Classes of Archives

(b) Importance of Archives: Value of Records as Sources of History

(c) Classification of Records

Module – IV : Management of Archives

(a) Appraisal and Retention of Records

(b) Conservation and Preservation of Records

(c) Digital Archives


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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN 978-93-88626-21-7
AUTHOR Dr Nabar, Ranade, Samel
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Introduction to Museology and Archival Science Semester VI



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