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Management and Organisation Development TYBCOM Semester V Manan Prakashan


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Management & Organisation Development TYBCOM

(Business Management – Paper III)

TYBCOM Semester V




Module – I : Introduction
(a) Management – Definition and Characteristics
(b) Management – as science, art and profession – Levels of management and managerial skills
(c) Development of Management Thought -Scientific Approach, Administrative School, Behavioural School, Systems Approach and Contingency Approach. Evolution of Indian management thoughts and their relevance in the current era
(d) Functions of Management in a typical business organisation

Module – II : Planning
(a) Planning, forecasting, decision making and problem solving
(b) Nature, characteristics, merits and limitations of planning
(c) Classification and Components of plans
(d) Essentials of a good plan and planning process
(e) Management by Objectives (MBO)- Importance and relevance

Module – III : Organizing as a Managerial Function
(a) Definition and Principles
(b) Departmentalisation
(c) Formal organisations – Functional , SBU , Matrix , Committees
(d) Informal organisations – Relevance and Importance
(e) Authority, responsibility, accountability and span of control
(f) Organizational hierarchy- charts
(g) Delegation of authority and decentralization
(h) Emergence of virtual organisation- merits and limitations

Module – IV : Staffing
(a) Importance of human resources in organisations
(b) Estimation of human resource requirements
(c) Human Asset Accounting
(d) Job Analysis
(e) Recruitment and selection
(f) Training and Development
(g) Performance Appraisal


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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN 978-93-5750-042-5
AUTHOR Michael Vaz – Meeta Seta
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Management and Organisation Development Tybcom





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