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Mathematics and Statistics ( Science and arts ) Part Two Standard Twelve


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Mathematics and Statistics ( Science and arts ) Part Two

Standard Twelve XII




1 Differentiation
2 Applications of Derivatives
3 Indefinite Integration
4 Definite Integration
5 Application of Definite Integration
6 Differential Equations
7 Probability Distributions
8 Binomial Distribution


1. Differentiation 

• state and use standard formulas of derivative of standard functions
• use chain rule of derivatives
• find derivatives of the logarithm, implicit, inverse and parametric functions
• find second and higher order derivatives.

2. Applications of Derivatives

• find equations of tangents and normal to a curve
• determine nature of the functionincreasing or decreasing
• find approximate values of the function
• examine function for maximum and minimum values
• verify mean value theorems

3. Indefinite Integration

• understand the relation between derivative and integral
• use the method of substitution
• solve integrals with the help of integration by parts
• solve the integrals by the method of partial fractions

4. Definite Integration

• understand integral as a limit of sum
• the properties of definite integral
• state the properties of definite integral and use them to solve problems


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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
STREAM Science & arts
PUBLISHER Vivek Uttam Gosavi Controller
YEAR 2020
ED First
SUBJECT Mathematics and Statistics  Part Two

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