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Organisational Behaviour SYBBI Semester III Manan Prakashan


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Organisational Behaviour SYBBI
Semester III   Manan Prakashan


Organisational Behaviour SYBBI Semester III Manan Prakashan

1. The Individual Behaviour (15 Lectures)(A) Personality: Meaning, Determinants of Personality, Major Personality Traits influencing OB, The Big Five Model, Trait Theory of Personality, Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality, Freud Stages of Personality Development, Locus of Control, Self-Monitoring.(B) Learning:

Meaning and Definition of Learning – The Learning Process, Principles of Learning, Theories of Learning – Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, Social Learning Theory, Learning through Reinforcement, Learning by Observing, Learning through Experience.

(C) Perception:

Meaning, Factors Influencing Perception, Attribution Theory, Improving Perceptions – Johari Window, Empathy.

(D) Workplace Emotions, Values and Ethics:

Meaning of Emotions, Cognitive Dissonance, Emotional Dissonance, Managing Emotions at Work (Emotional Labour) – The Six Universal Emotions. Meaning and Types of Values, Sources of Value Systems, Values Across Cultures, Values and Ethical Behaviour.

(E) Individual Decision Making:

How are Decisions made in Organization, Decision Making Process, Decisional Styles.

2. The Group Dynamics (15 Lectures)

(A) Group Communication:

Importance, Corporate Communication – Need, Importance and Techniques of Corporate Communication.

(B) Power and Politics:

Meaning of Power, Bases of Power, Power Tactics, Organizational Politics, Reasons for Organizational Politics, Managing Organizational Politics.

(C) Negotiations:

Meaning, Process, Strategies, Third Party Negotiations, Crisis Negotiations, Focus Areas of Negotiations.

(D) Transactional Analysis Model:

Types of Transactions, Ego States, Life Positions, Elaboration of Transactional Styles.

(E) Virtual Teams and Group Cohesiveness:

Structure, Types, Stages in Management of Virtual Teams, Features of Cohesive Groups, Effects / Consequences / Impact of Group Cohesion.

(F) Group Decision-Making:

Advantages, Disadvantages, Assumptions, Managing Group Decision-Making, Strength and Weakness of Group Decision-Making.

3. The Organizational Dynamics   (15 Lectures)

(A) Organization Structure:

Meaning, Meaning and Key Features of the Concept of Centralization, Decentralization, Span of Control and Departmentation, Simple Structure, Bureaucratic & Matrix Structure.

(B) New Design Options:

Team Structure, Virtual Organizations, Boundaryless Organizations

(C) Organization Structure Differentiation:

Strategy, Organization Size, Technology & Environment, Organizational Designs and Employee Behaviour.

(D) Organizational Climate:

Impact of Communication, Impact of Rewards & Punishment, Quality Work-life with Reference to Banking & Insurance, Job Frustration – Sources, Causes, Effects, Ways to Overcome Frustration, Impact of Frustration on Banking and Insurance Companies.

4. Organization Behaviour in Banking and Insurance Sector  (15 Lectures)

(A) Practices of OB in Banks and Insurance

(B) Issue of Organization Behaviour in Banks

(C) Strategies to Manage Issues of Organization Behaviour in Banks
(D) Case Studies – Transfer, Promotion, Separation.

Additional Information

BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN-13 978-93-88626-95-8
AUTHOR Michael Vaz Meeta Seta
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Organisational Behaviour SYBBI Semester III

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