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Political Science Standard Twelve Commerce


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Political Science

Standard Twelve  XII




1. The World since 1991
2. Key Concepts and Issues since 1991: Globalisation
3. Key Concepts and Issues since 1991: Humanitarian Issues
4. Contemporary India: Challenges to Peace, Stability and National Integration
5. Contemporary India: Good Governance
6. India and the World
I. Annexure : Acronyms
II. Annexure : Some Information about North East India


1. The World since 1991
• Understand the developments in international relations in the post-cold war era.
• Understand the growing importance of humanitarian issues, problems of terrorism and the rise of multipolarity and regionalism.

2. Globalisation
• Develop the ability to understand and analyse the various changes that have taken place in the age of globalisation in the areas of economics; politics; science and technology and society and culture.

3. Humanitarian Issues
• Introduce the students to contemporary issues like environment and sustainability, poverty and development and gender issues.
• Develop the ability to analyse these contemporacy issues in the Indian context.

4. National Integration
• Inculcate values of national identity and national integration.
• Understand the various challenges to peace, stability and national integration faced by India.

5. Good Governance
• Understand the rethinking in traditional approaches to public administration.
• Understand the various dimensions of good governance in India.

6. India and the World
• Understand the evolution of Indian foreign policy.
• Develop the ability to analyse India’s relation with various countries.

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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
PUBLISHER Vivek Uttam Gosavi Controller
YEAR 2020
ED First
SUBJECT Political Science Standard Twelve Commerce

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