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Public Finance SYBA Semester III Manan Prakashan


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Public Finance SYBA Manan Prakashan


Semester III


Unit – I : Introduction (12 Lectures)

Meaning and Scope of Public Finance; Public Finance versus Private Finance; Market Failure; Public Goods and Private Goods, Externalities, Efficiency versus Equity; Principles of Sound Finance and Functional Finance; Allocation, Distribution, Stabilisation and Growth Functions of the Government

Unit – II : Fiscal Policy – Budget and Taxation (12 Lectures)

Dalton’s and Musgrave Versions of the Law of Maximum Social Advantage; Role of Government in a Modern Economy; Types of Public Budget; Structure of Public Budget; Role of Taxation; Merits and Demerits of Direct and Indirect Tax Policy; Features of Good Tax System; Concept of Impact, Incidence and Shifting of Taxation; Elasticity and Determination of Tax Burden

Unit – III : Fiscal Policy – Public Expenditure and Debt (12 Lectures)

Canons of Public Expenditure; Classification of Public Expenditure; Wagner’s Law of Public Expenditure; Public Expenditure as an Instrument of Fiscal Policy; Meaning and Types of Public Debt; Burden of Public Debt; Principles of Public Debt Management; Concepts of Deficits

Unit – IV : Indian Public Finance (12 Lectures)

Budget of the Government of India (Previous Financial Year); Sources of Public Receipts (Tax and Non-Tax, Introduction to GST); Components of Public Expenditure; Sources of Public Borrowing and Debt Liabilities; Deficits; Appraisal of FRBM Act 2004; Fiscal Federalism Fourteenth Finance Commission Recommendations.


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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN-13 978-81-94745-13-6
AUTHOR A. D. Mascarenhas, Dr. P. A. Johnson, Mody
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Public Finance SYBA Semester III

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