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Quantitative Methods – I FYBBI Semester I Manan Prakashan


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Quantitative Methods – I
FYBBI Manan Prakashan
Semester I
1. Introduction, Organising, Data, Frequency Distribution, Data Representation (10 Lectures
Organizing Data, Frequency Distribution, Measure of Central Tendency, Org. Data, Preparation of Frequency Distribution Graphical and Diagrammatic Representation Histogram, Frequency Polygon and Ogives. Definition of Averages and Objective of Averages, Types of Average. Arithmetic Mean, Geometric, Harmonic Mean and its Usages, Mode and Medium (using Graph also for both) for Grouped as well as Ungrouped Data
2. Measures of Central Tendencies (10 Lectures)
Definition of Averages and Objective of Averages, Types of Averages. Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean and its Advantages, Disadvantages and Usages, Mode, Median, Quartiles, Deciles and Percentiles for both Grouped as well as Ungrouped Data.
3. Measures of Dispersion (8 Lectures)
Concept and Idea of Dispersion. Various Measures Range, Quartile Deviation, Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation and Corresponding Relative Measure of Dispersion. Geographical Representation and Utility of Various is Measure of Dispersions
4. Co-variance, Correlation and Regression (10 Lectures)
Meaning, Definition and Application of Co-variance, Concept of Correlation. Rank Correlation, Regression Concept, Relationship with Correlation, Assumptions in Simple Regression, Estimation using Simple Regression : Fitting of Straight Line, Method of Least Square, Construction of Characteristic Line / Estimation Line
5. Probability, Probability Distribution and Decision Theory  (10 Lectures)
Concept of Probability Yen Diagrams, Rules of Probability Conditional and Unconditional Probability, Bay’s Theorem. Discrete and Continuous Variable. Expected Value of the Variable, Decision Theory, Normal Distribution
6. Index Numbers (6 Lectures)
Concept and Usage of Index Nos. Construction of Index Nos. Types of Index Nos. Aggregate and Relative Method of Constructing Index Nos. Chain Base Index Nos. Test of Consistency : Time Reversal Factor Reversal and Circular Test. Quantity and Value Index Nos. for Agricultural, Industrial Production, Retail Prices, Consumer Price Index Nos. for Security Prices, etc.
7. Insurance (6 Lectures)
Meaning, Objective, Purpose and Need for Insurance. Fundamentals of Insurance, Calculation of Age, Premiums, Bonuses, Paid-up Value of a Policy, Maturity Value of the Policy. Claim Calculation and Surrender Value.

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BOARD Maharashtra  State Board
ISBN-13 978-93-89293-01-2
YEAR manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Quantitative Methods – I FYBBI Semester I

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