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Research Methodology In Commerce and Management MCOM Semester I Manan Prakashan


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Research Methodology In Commerce and Management MCOM Semester I Manan Prakashan


Research Methodology In Commerce and  Management


MCOM Semester I


(As Per NEP 2020)



Unit 1 : Introduction to Research
(a) Meaning of Research, Need and Scope of Research in Social Sciences, Humanities, Commerce and Management, Types of Research – Basic, Applied, Descriptive, Analytical, Casual and Empirical Research
(b) Planning of Research, Selection of Research Problem, Research Design, Significance of Review of Literature, Formulation, Importance and Types of Hypothesis, Significance and Methods of Sampling, Factors Determining Sample Size

Unit 2 : Research Process
(a) Stages in Research Process, Primary Data : Observation, Experimentation, Interview, Schedules, Survey, Limitations of Primary Data, Secondary Data : Sources and Limitations, Meta-Analysis
(b) Factors Affecting the Choice of Method of Data Collection, Questionnaire : Types, Steps in Questionnaire Designing, Essentials of a Good Questionnaire


Unit 3 : Data Processing and Statistical Analysis
(a) Data Processing : Significance in Research, Stages in Data Processing : Editing, Coding, Classification, Tabulation, Graphic Presentation, Statistical Analysis : Tools and Techniques, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion, Correlation Analysis and Regression Analysis
(b) Testing of Hypotheses : Parametric Test – t Test, f Test, z Test, Non-Parametric Test – Chi Square Test, ANOVA, Factor Analysis, Multiple Regression Analysis, Interpretation of Data : Significance and Precautions in Data Interpretation

Unit 4 : Research Reporting and Modern Practices in Research
(a) Research Report Writing : Importance, Essentials, Structure/ Layout, Types, References and Citation Methods : APA (American Psychological Association), CMS (Chicago Manual Style), MLA (Modern Language Association), Bibliometrics
(b) Footnotes and Bibliography, Modern Practices : Ethical Norms in Research, Plagiarism, Role of Computers in Research


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BOARD Mumbai University
ISBN-13 978-93-5750-305-1
AUTHOR Michael Vaz – Aurora vaz
PUBLISHER Manan Prakashan
ED All
SUBJECT Research Methodology In Commerce and Management MCOM Semester I

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