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Standard 10 Science and Technology Part – I


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Standard 10 Science and Technology Part – I


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1. Gravitation .
2. Periodic Classification of Element .
3. Chemical reactions and equations .
5. Heat .
4. Effects of electric current .
6. Refraction of light .
7. Lenses .
8. Metallugy .
9. Carbon compounds .
10. Space Missions .


1. Gravitation.

Ø Gravitation                                                                                              Ø Circular motion and centripetal force
Ø Kepler’s laws                                                                                           Ø Newton’s universal law of gravitation
Ø Acceleration due to the gravitational force of the Earth               Ø Free fall                 Ø Escape velocity

2. Periodic Classification of Elements

Ø Elements and their classification                                                       Ø Dobereiner’s Triads
Ø Newlands Law of Octaves                                                                    Ø Mendeleev’s Periodic Table
Ø Modern Periodic Table

3. Chemical Reactions and Equations

Ø  Chemical reactions                                                                               Ø  Rules of writing chemical reaction
Ø  Balancing a chemical equation                                                          Ø Types of chemical reactions

4. Effects of electric current

Ø Energy transfer in electric circuit.
Ø Heating effects of electric current.
Ø Magnetic effects of electric current.

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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
PUBLISHER Vivek Uttam Gosavi Controller
YEAR 2018
ED First
SUBJECT Standard 10 Science and Technology Part – I



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