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Standard 7 Chetana Master key English Balbharati


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Standard 7 Chetana Master key English Balbharati

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Chapters :

Unit One
1.1 Past, Present, Future
1.2 Odd One In
1.3 In Time of Silver Rain
1.4 The King’s Choice
1.5 Seeing Eyes Helping Hands
1.6 A Collage
Unit Two
2.1 From a Railway Carriage
2.2 The Souvenir
2.3 Abdul Becomes a Courtier
2.4 How doth the little busy bee
2.5 Learn Yoga from Animals
2.6 Chasing the Sea Monster
2.7 Great Scientists
Unit Three
3.1 Tartary
3.2 Compere a Programme
3.3 A Crow in the House
3.4 The Brook
3.5 News Analysis
3.6 Think Before You Speak!
Unit Four
4.1 Under the Greenwood Tree
4.2 Unke Munke Timpetoo
4.3 The Red-Headed League
4.4 Home Sweet Home
4.5 Seeing Eyes Helping Hands
4.6 Papa Panov’s Special Christmas


Question -Answer based study material. Point to Remember section gives at-a-glance summary of each br>Chapter complete solutions/answers to all textual exercises. Glossary of difficult words and terms used in the br>Chapter ‘did you know?’ gives supplementary information to boost general knowledge. Chapter-wise test papers to facilitate revision. Model Test Paper ensure thorough preparation for the exams. Concepts Maps, Multiple Choice questions (MCQs), HOTS etc. Wherever required.

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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
PUBLISHER Chetana Master key
YEAR 2017
ED First
SUBJECT Standard 7 Chetana Master key English Balbharati

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