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Standard 7 Chetana Master key History and Civics


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Standard 7 Chetana Master key History and Civics

Standard 7 Chetana Master key History and Civics




1. Sources of History.
2. India before the Times of Shivaji Maharaj .
3. Religious Synthesis .
4. Maharashtra before the Times of Shivaji Maharaj.
5. The Foundation of the Swaraj .
6. Conflict with the Mughals.
7. The Administration of the Swaraj .
8. An Ideal Ruler .
9. The Maratha War of Independence.
10. The Expansion of the Maratha Power.
11. Marathas – The Protectors of the Nation.

12. Progression of the Empire .
13. Life of the People in Maharashtra.


1. Introduction to our Constitution .

2. Preamble to the Constitution.
3. Features of the Constitution .
4. Fundamental Rights – Part I .
5. Fundamental Rights – Part II.
6. Directive Principles of .
State Policy and Fundamental Duties


1) Based on the latest syllabus and revised paper pattern 2) The points to remember section gives a summary of the key highlights of each chapter 3) Detailed answers to all textual questions given 4) Additional questions with answers, for thorough practice. 5) Assignments to facilitate revision. 6) Model Activity Sheets to ensure adequate preparation for the examination.


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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
PUBLISHER Chetana Master key
YEAR 2021
ED First
SUBJECT Standard 7 Chetana Master key History and Civics

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