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Standard 7 Chetana Master key Mathematics


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Standard 7 Chetana Master key Mathematics

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1 Geometrical Constructions

2 Multiplication and Division of Integers

3 HCF and LCM

4 Angles and Pairs of Angles

5 Operations on Rational Numbers

6 Indices

7 Joint Bar Graph

8 Algebraic Expressions and Operations on them

9 Direct Proportion and Inverse Proportion

10 Banks and Simple Interest

11 Circle

12 Perimeter and Area

13 Pythagoras’ Theorem

14 Algebraic Formulae – Expansion of Squares

15 Statistics



Question -Answer based study material. Point to Remember section gives at-a-glance summary of each br>Chapter complete solutions/answers to all textual exercises. Glossary of difficult words and terms used in the br>Chapter ‘did you know?’ gives supplementary information to boost general knowledge. Chapter-wise test papers to facilitate revision. Model Test Paper ensure thorough preparation for the exams. Concepts Maps, Multiple Choice questions (MCQs), HOTS etc. Wherever required.

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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
PUBLISHER Chetana Master key
YEAR 2019
ED First
SUBJECT Standard 7 Chetana Master key Mathematics

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