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Standard 9 Chetna Master key Science and Technology


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Standard 9 Chetna Master key Science and Technology

Standard 9 Chetna Master key Science and Technology



1. Laws of Motion .
2. Work and Energy.
3. Current Electricity .
4. Measurement of Matter.
5. Acids, Bases and Salts.
6. Classification of Plants.
7. Energy Flow in an Ecosystem.
8. Useful and Harmful Microbes.
9. Environmental Management.
10. Information Communication Technology (ICT) .
11. Reflection of Light.
12. Study of Sound .
13. Carbon : An important element.
14. Substances in Common Use.
15. Life Processes in Living Organisms.
16. Heredity and Variation.
17. Introduction to Biotechnology.
18. Observing Space : Telescopes .


Based on New Syllabus & Paper pattern. Concept map/ points to Remember for quick review. Answered all textual and additional questions. Master key question set graded as per Paper pattern. All textual activity based Questions covered. Mcqs – practical based multiple choice questions. Ample use of charts, diagrams, etc. Wherever required. Assignment – br>Chapter wise test papers to facilitate revision. Model activity sheets ensure thorough preparation for the exams.


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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
SCHOOL Secondary  School
PUBLISHER Chetana Master Key
YEAR 2021
ED First
SUBJECT Science and Technology

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