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Standard 9 Mathematics Part 2


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Standard 9 Mathematics Part 2

Standard  Nine –  IX

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1.  Basic Concepts in Geometry
2.  Parallel Lines
3.  Triangles

4.  Constructions Of Triangles
5.  Quadrilaterals
6.  Circle
7.  Co-ordinate Geometry
8.  Trigonometry
9.  Surface Area and Volumes


1 Basic Concepts in Geometry

• Point, line and plane                                                                               • Co-ordinates of a points and distance
• Betweenness                                                                                              • Conditional statements
• Proof

2 Parallel Lines

• Properties of angles formed by parallel lines and its transversal
• Tests of parallelness of two lines                                                        • Use of properties of parallel lines

3 Triangles

• Theorem of remote interior angles of a triangle                               • Congruence of triangles
• Theorem of an isosceles triangle                                                          • Property of 30°- 60°- 90° angled triangle
• Median of a triangle                                                                                • Property of median on hypotenuse of a right angled triangle
• Perpendicular bisector theorem                                                           • Angle bisector theorem
• Similar triangles

4 Constructions of Triangles

To construct a triangle, if following information is given.
• Base, an angle adjacent to the base and sum of lengths of two remaining sides.
• Base, an angle adjacent to the base and difference of lengths of remaining two sides.
• Perimeter and angles adjacent to the base.

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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
SCHOOL Secondary School
PUBLISHER Vivek Uttam Gosavi Controller
YEAR 2017
ED First
SUBJECT Standard 9 Mathematics Part 2

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