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Standard Ten Mathematics Part – I


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Standard Ten Mathematics Part – I

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1. Linear Equations in Two Variables.
2. Quadratic Equations .
3. Arithmetic Progression .
4. Financial Planning .
5. Probability .
6. Statistics .


1 Linear Equations in Two Variables

· Methods of solving linear equations in two variables – graphical method, Cramer’s method
· Equations that can be transformed in linear equation in two variables
· Application of simultaneous equations

2 Quadratic Equations

· Quadratic equation : Introduction                            · Methods of solving quadratic equation
· Nature of roots of quadratic equation                      · Relation between roots and coefficients
· Applications of quadratic equations

3 Arithmetic Progression

· Sequence                                                                       · nth term of an A.P.
· Arithmetic Progression                                              · Sum of n terms of an A.P

4 Financial Planning

· GST – Introduction                                                      · GST – Tax Invoice
· GST – Computation and ITC                                     · Shares, Mutual Funds and SIP

5 Probability

· Probability : Introduction                                        · Random experiment and its outcome
· Sample space and event                                           · Probability of an event

6 Statistics

· Measures of a central tendency- mean, median and mode from grouped frequency table.
· Graphical representation of statistical data – histogram, frequency polygon, pie diagram


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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
PUBLISHER Vivek Uttam Gosavi Controller
YEAR 2018
ED First
SUBJECT Standard Ten Mathematics Part – I



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