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Information Technology Standard Twelve Ebook

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Information Technology Standard Twelve Ebook


1. To create awareness and acquire knowledge about new technology.
2. To acquire in-depth knowledge about technologies related to AI, IOT, 3D Printing,
3. To enable the student to think and create interest in emerging technology from career
point of view.
4. To make students aware about concept of E-commerce.
5. To acquire knowledge about scope of E-commerce.
6. To create awareness about different E-commerce websites and discuss its features.
7. To develop higher order logical skills based on basic knowledge acquired in 11th
8. To make students aware about HTML5’s advanced tags while developing web page.
9. To make students competent in scripting language to create dynamic web page.
10. To acquire knowledge about concept of object.
Skill Oriented Practicals (SOP)
1. To inculcate web designing skills using advance tags.
2. To make students confident to create website.
3. To develop skills for programming using DOM.
4. To develop ability to create dynamic

1 Advanced Web Designing
2 Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
3 Advanced Javascript
4 Emerging Technologies (IOT, Cloud computing, AI,5G)
5 Server-Side Scripting (PHP)
6 E-Commerce and E-Governance
Skill Oriented Practicals (SOP)
1. Advanced Web Designing 91
2. Advanced Javascript 94
3. Server-Side Scripting (PHP)

Additional Information

BOARD Maharashtra State Board
STREAM Science
PUBLISHER Vivek Uttam Gosavi Controller
YEAR 2019
ED First
SUBJECT Information  Technology


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