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Navneet Digest English Balbharati Standard Sixth


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Navneet Digest English Balbharati Standard Sixth


Voyage One Page
1.1 Don’t Give Up!
1.2 Who’s the Greatest ?
1.3 Autobiography of a Great Indian Bustard
1.4 Children are going to school …
1.5 A Kabaddi Match
1.6 The Peacock and the Crane
1.7 Param Vir Chakra : Our Heroes

Voyage Two Page
2.1 The Clothesline
2.2 The Worth of a Fabric
2.3 A Wall Magazine for your Class!
2.4 Anak Krakatoa
2.5 The Silver House
2.6 Ad‘wise’ Customers
2.7 Yonamine and Bushi

Voyage Three Page
3.1 It Can Be Done
3.2 Seven Sisters
3.3 Stone Soup
3.4 Sushruta
(A Peep into the Past)
3.5 The Donkey
3.6. The Merchant of Venice
3.7 At the Science Fair

Voyage Four Page
4.1 Sleep, My Treasure
4.2 The Story of Gautama’s Quest
4.3 Mr Nobody
4.4 A Mad Tea Party
4.5 If I can stop one heart from breaking …
4.6 The Phantom Tollbooth
(A Book Review)
4.7 The Sword in the Stone
4.8 An Autumn Greeting


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BOARD Maharashtra State Board
YEAR 2019
ED First
SUBJECT English Balbharati


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