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Why Online Book Store ?

Why do I have to go the one crowded market place and stand in a long unorganization queue for long hours just to buy and sell my semester books or sell my educational books that too sometimes in a rainy season at unreasonable rates.

Have you ever asked yourself such type of question ?

Well if you ever did just like me then you have came to the right place. Our platforms offers you to become buyer or seller or sometimes both. Here with us you can sell your books as high as 50%* or Buy the new ones with multiple discount available to the customer. where you can buy books in Affordable price with best service.

Witch books I can Sell..?

You can sell all the books, BMS, Bsc-IT, BAF, BBI………etc you can sell all the educational books here in best price. In just one click

Who is The Stranger Books..?

“The Stranger Books ” has built a strong reputation throughout Thane and surrounding areas by providing high-quality service. The stranger books has a wide range of books from various publishers & also provides the Second hand books at an affordable cost. They keep up to date books and always in the current trend.

The Stranger Books is a well-established Online book store in Thane. They have vast collection of educational books. They sell books of various publisher and providers

What do I need to do to be a part of this exciting hassle free process.?

Just take out your smart phones / laptop and visit our website and begin your wonderful journey with us.

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