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What to do with old books ?

What to do with old books?

Books, books are the most beautiful thing created by a man. Though their size is small, but the amount of knowledge they kept in them is just invaluable. Books not only provide us with knowledge, they educate us, entertain us, and they also serve us as a good companion when we feel alone. Irrespective of their nature whether they are story books, school or college textbooks, fiction books, or any other reading book, books give more meaning to our life.

In one word if I would say, “books are the man’s best and loyal friend that always remain by our side without demanding anything for the service they do to mankind.”

Books do a lot to mankind, but do we repay them in kind the same way they serve? Probably, NO, we don’t. After reading books when they change from new books to old used books, generally, people either keep the old books on the bookshelves or in a cupboard and forget them. Or some of them sell used books to a scrap dealer for a few pennies. This is the act of commiserate, I mean, how one can throw something invaluable in cupboards that always stood with them. Books are meant for the dissemination of ideas, fruits of knowledge. They are never meant to keep inside boxes. Do they?

Now the question is what should a person do after reading new books?

The answer is, resell used books to some another book lover just like you. By selling used books, you are trying to keep the book’s motto alive and are helping to spread books knowledge ahead. If you like to do so, then you will definitely feel that how will I find the buyer for my book who will be ready to buy second hand books from you and where I can sell used books? Don’t worry, we have an answer to all of your questions. 


If you are a true book lover and you too want to sell your old used books then The Stranger Books is just for you – on a silver platter. A time ago, before the boom in the internet industry, who would have ever thought that someday someone can even sell used books, old books online? If you have had this thought in your mind then you are a man of vision 🙂 Now giving you guys a small glimpse of The Stranger Books, The Stranger Books is a platform intended for people who don’t wish to throw away their used books and who don’t want to sell their old books to scrap dealers for few pennies.

The Stranger Books is India’s leading platform on where you can Sell Used Books Online at your own desired prices. To sell your second hand books all you just need is to Register on The Stranger Books and login to your account and post a free book ad describing the details about your old used books. (if you want to sell your old books fast, then don’t forget to upload images of your books.) 

Boom! You have done it. Your Books will be live. Now, what to do next?

Ammm… sit back on your sofa and relax. After seeing your book Post on our page, a buyer will contact you to buy that second hand books from you. To purchase that book from you, the buyer can chat with you with the ‘Chat Now’ feature or he can directly make a phone call to you on the phone number provided by you.

Vidhi, your used book is sold! It is as simple as that. Isn't it?

By selling your used books you have done three good things-

  •  You have repaid the books in kind the same way that books served to you.
  • You have saved some tree by making the reuse of old book.
  •  You have earned some good extra money.

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