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Why Buy Second Hand Books

Why Buy Second Hand Books....?

We have never had so much choice when it comes to what we pick up and read. Added to time-honored institutions, such as libraries & coffee shops, we now have bucket-loads of content available from our phones, tablets, eBook readers PCs and even watches. So why are we better off buying good old used books?

1. You will save money.

This one’s pretty obvious, of course. Newly printed books can set you back pretty steep, but you’re all but guaranteed to save at least half when you buy used.

2. You will read more.

There’s nothing that motivates you to finish your current book than a stack of equally compelling reads on your shelf. And when you buy affordable used books, you’ll have no problem keeping that stack piled high.

3. It's better for the environment.

Buying a new book isn’t as innocent as you’d think. There are 2 billion new paper books produced in the United States every year. That’s millions of trees and millions of tons of CO2 – quite a large footprint. Yes, the artwork on the newest edition of The Great Gatsby is pretty hip, but why not do your part for the environment and pick up one of the millions of used copies already in existence?

4. There's a shared history

Buying a used book is a like a box of chocolates… you never know what kind of thoughts you’ll find scribbled in the margins. And that’s part of the beauty of buying used. You are actively taking part in a shared history, and you’re free to contribute your own ideas along the way.

5. That you can pass on to others.

You finally made it through War and Peace. Your favorite passages are underlined and earmarked, and now you are free to share your love for the well-worn tome. There’s a certain charm to loaning out a used book to friends and family. It’s adding one more mind to the accumulative life of its pages!
They are already broken in.
Books aren’t meant to be babied. Instead of worrying about maintaining the crisp, coffee-stain-free pages of freshly printed books, just pick up a used copy. The binding is probably bent, and you may find some rumpled pages along the way – but feel free to toss it in your bag and hit the road. Used books have been around the block a few times … they’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe. We’re wiling to bet they’ll survive a short journey in your tote bag.

6. You can exercise your first-sale rights!

The first-sale legal doctrine is the reason we (and you) can sell used books, music, or any other used copyrighted product. With the rise of the eBook and other digital works of art, many alarming interpretations of first-sale rights have been in the spotlight. Buying used is a great way to exercise your long established, money-saving first-sale rights!

7. There are some truly amazing vintage covers out there.

From epic 70s sci-fi to hunky romance novels, there’s no shortage of breathtaking artwork adorning the covers of used books. Cheesy? Of course. But it’s a great way to start up a conversation on your bus ride to work.

8. That old book smell.

New books all smell the same fresh off the press. Used books, on the other hand, have spent years, decades, sometimes centuries collecting their own unique scent. There’s the This-Spent-200-Years-In-A-British-Library smell … the This-Was-Well-Loved-By-A-Parisian-Aristocrat smell, and of course the less pleasant, but still charming, This-May-Have-Suffered-Water-Damage-At-Some-Point-in-the-Recent-Past smell.

The point is, used books are a lot like us. They have personality. They are a bit worn down here and there. They have pasts. So when it comes time to pick up your next read, you have at least nine compelling reasons to buy used. The choice is yours!

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