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Business Statistics FYBMS Semester I

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Business Statistics


Semester I

UNIT – I : Introduction to Statistics (15 Lectures)
l Introduction to Statistics : Functions / Scope, Importance, Limitations
l Data : Relevance of Data (Current Scenario), Type of Data (Primary and Secondary), Primary (Census vs Samples), Method of Collection (in Brief), Secondary (Merits, Limitations, Sources) (In Brief)
l Presentation of Data : Classification – Frequency Distribution – Discrete & Continuous, Tabulation, Graph (Frequency, Bar Diagram, Pie Chart, Histogram, Ogives)
l Measures of Central Tendency : Mean (A.M., Weighted, Combined), Median (Calculation and Graphical using Ogives), Mode (Calculation and Graphical using Histogram), Comparative Analysis of all Measures of Central Tendency

UNIT – II : Measures of Dispersion, Co-Relation and Linear Regression (15 Lectures)
l Measures of Dispersion : Range with C.R. (Co-efficient Range), Quartiles & Quartile Deviation with CQ (Co-efficient of Quartile), Mean Deviation from Mean with CMD (Co-efficient of Mean Deviation), Standard Deviation with CV (Co-efficient of Variance), Skewness and Kurtosis (only concept)
l Co-Relation : Karl Pearson, Rank Co-Relation
l Linear Regression : Least Square Method

UNIT – III : Time Series and Index Number (15 Lectures)
l Time Series : Least Square Method, Moving Average Method, Determination of Season
l Index Number : Simple (unweighted) Aggregate Method, Weighted Aggregate Method, Simple Average of Price Relatives, Weighted Average of Price Relatives, Chain Base Index Numbers, Base Shifting, Splicing and Deflating, Cost of Living Index Number

UNIT – IV : Probability and Decision Theory (15 Lectures)
l Probability : Concept of Sample Space, Concept of Event, Definition of Probability, Addition and Multiplication Laws of Probability, Conditional Probability, Bayes’ Theorem (Concept only), Expectation and Variance, Concept of Probability Distribution (only Concept)
l Decision Theory : Acts, State of Nature Events, Pay offs, Opportunity Loss, Decision Making under Certainty, Decision Making under Uncertainty
l Non-Probability : Maximax, Maximin, Minimax, Regret, Laplace and Hurwicz
l Probabilitistics (Decision Making under Risk) – EMV – EOL – EVPI
l Decision Tree

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BOARDMaharashtra State Board
AUTHORWelling, Saraph
PUBLISHERManan Prakashan
SUBJECTBusiness Statistics FYBMS Semester I


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